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Pregnancy is a very beautiful and crucial time of a women’s life. Her body undergoes several changes during this time, may it be physical, mental, or emotional. Special care has to be taken to maintain the good health of the mother, which in turn affect the health of the baby. What food she eats during those days and the food to avoid when pregnant plays a vital role in the process of baby development and the physical health of the child. Any carelessness in food to avoid when pregnant can lead to mishaps.

When these thoughts come in the mind, the new mothers to be and start thinking about things like, foods to avoid when pregnant, what not to eat when pregnant, foods to avoid in first month of pregnancy, fruits not to eat during pregnancy, things to avoid during pregnancy that cause miscarriage, etc.

As said earlier that care in pregnancy is a must and a good diet in pregnancy is also a must for the betterment of both mother and child similarly is the food to avoid when pregnant.

So here is the list of some dos and don’ts during pregnancy:

Food to Avoid When Pregnant:

MEATS – In any form, meat and non-vegetarian food items are harmful to the baby. Especially if it is cold and not cooked properly. So food to avoid when pregnant:-

  • Pre-cooked ready to eat meat, hotdogs.
  • Pre-stuffed, chicken, or turkey.
  • Refrigerated meat.
  • Canned meats

 FISH, EGGS, CHEESE, and MILK – Yes!! Despite eggs, fishes, cheese, and milk being the best source of protein, in some cases and if proper precautions are not taken, these can also lead to complications. So food to avoid when pregnant:-

  • In fishes, locally caught salmon, striped bass, trout should be avoided.
  • Mercury is dangerous for the baby. Fishes with a high content of the same like shark, swordfish, and tilefish should be avoided.
  • Smoke-cook fishes may it be salmon, trout, lox, tuna should be avoided altogether.
  • Raw fish or sushi can be harmful.
  • Raw eggs.
  • Desserts, sauces made with raw eggs should be avoided during pregnancy.
  • Unpasteurized milk and cheese made of that milk.

FRUITS AND VEGETABLES – Certain fruits not to eat during pregnancy as there are some fruits that can lead to uterus contraction which highly undesirable as it can lead to miscarriages :

  • Papaya
  • Watermelon
  • Pineapple
  • Dates
  • Canned tomatoes
  • Plums
  • Muskmelons

SOFT DRINKS – As we all know that all form of cold drinks contains high amounts of sugar which lead to a sudden sugar attack in the system. To control this sugar attack in body high insulin is secreted inside the pancreas. All these conditions are not well suited for the growing baby as high sugar levels are very harmful and dangerous for the baby and lead to miscarriage. So soft drinks are the food to avoid when pregnant, especially when the mother is a diabetic patient.

PACKED AND PROCESSED FOODS – We all know the importance of fresh meals over packed and pre-cooked food as they are not only low in vitamin content but also contain preservatives and other chemicals to keep their shelf life longer. So unnecessary intake of such food can be avoided and the cooking of fresh food must be preferred keeping in mind the health of the newborn. So packed and processed foods are the food to avoid when pregnant.

ALCOHOL – As we all know how injurious alcohol can be for a normal person then let alone a pregnant woman. The high dose can be very dangerous it not only shoot their sugar levels but can also lead to losing consciousness which can leads to serious mishap. So, alcohol is a food to avoid when pregnant because when it comes to the safety of the newborn utmost care must be taken.

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Is there a different diet for different months in pregnancy? 

Yes. A new mother needs a different diet in different months. If we consider three months as a trimester, then food to avoid when pregnant and to be taken are as following:

First Trimester:

In the first trimester, women should be given food enriched with calcium like dairy products, green leafy vegetables. Folic acid rich food should be consumed during the pregnancy like sweet potato, legumes which are good for embryo growth. For instant energy and immunity-boosting, sugar cane is also a good option.

Food to avoid when pregnant is Soft cheese, processed food, sugary foods, alcoholic beverages, Seafood, papaya, pineapple, and uncooked meat, raw eggs, Smoked foods.

Second trimester:

During this time a women’s body needs 300-500 more calories which can be accomplished by adding fats, carbohydrates into the diet like avocado, salmon, and fish liver oil in your diet. And also make sure to include enough iron, meats, whole grain, dried fruits, and legumes. Vitamin-C and proteins should be added for the growth of the baby.

Sweetened food with refined sugar, cold drinks, and alcoholic drinks are the foods to avoid when pregnant.

Third trimester:

 Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, Omega 3 fatty acids, and choline,  for this crucial time, you’ll need these five nutrients. During this time, pregnant women should eat lots of fruits enriched in these vitamins. Pregnant women should try and stay hydrated. Prawns should not be eaten during pregnancy.

Dos and Don’ts for Physical Activities in Pregnancy

What physical activities should be avoided during pregnancy, what are do’s and don’ts related to it?

· Do at least 30min of exercise in a day

· Wear clothes that don’t suffocate you.

· Stretch before you start the exercise.

· Do Kegel exercises daily to help prevent urinary incontinence. They’re simple all you need to do is: Repeatedly contract and relax your pelvic floor muscles as though you’re    stopping and starting the flow of urine

· Don’t do exercises that take a lot of strength and make you tired easily.

· Be hydrated.

· Don’t do exercise of you feel dizzy or light-headed. Don’t take medicines without any prescriptions. 

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