How to get rid of irregular Heart Beat

irregular heart beat
Irregular Heartbeat

Irregular heartbeat, in medical terms Arrhythmia, is a common problem today. Normal heartbeat count is 60-100 beats per minute. And if it is not regular then it may cause serious problems and should be consulted with the doctor.

This is a common problem due to the unmanaged routine we follow, spending more time on computers, mobiles, not having a properly balanced diet, not including exercise in daily routine which leads to reduce one potential and while performing any physical activity heartbeat goes irregular. 

There are other reasons too which may cause irregular heartbeat:

1. Frightened off: Fear or terror can also fluctuate the heartbeat. Which even leads to another psychological problem.

2. Drugs: Drugs like cocaine smoking can even irregulate the heartbeat.

3. Exercise: Physical exercise also leads to pump heart more frequently.

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Remedies to get rid of an irregular heartbeat:

1. Performing Relaxing gesture: Stress is a common factor in an irregular heartbeat that can be overcome by performing certain exercises, meditation, yoga, and spending time outdoors with nature.

2. Keeping the body hydrated: Drinking plenty of water help in the easy flow of blood which helps in reducing palpitations. So, one should take the recommended amount of water according to their age and sex.

3. Excessive consumption of alcohol should be avoided: Alcohol is a depressant and leads to an irregular heartbeat. Even it’s regular consumption increases the risk of palpitations.

4. Regular Exercise: Regularly walking, jogging, cycling, swimming helps in regulating a healthy heartbeat. 

5. Taking a healthy diet: Balance diet is important for everyone of us. Including sodium(salt),potassium(potatoes,bananas,avocados,spinach),calcium(Dairy products, leafy green vegetable), magnesium(nuts,fish, green vegetables) in diet can be helpful.

6. Taking proper sleep: Healthy body needs a proper sleep, one should take 8-hour of proper sleep.

7. Maintaining healthy body weight: Obesity is the common problem which even leads to heartbeat irregularity. 

Always remember,
“You can’t beat a healthy heart.”
“Exercise not only changes your body, but it also changes your mind, your attitude and your mood”

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